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About Us - F1 Runners' TEAM

About Us

The F1 Runners’ TEAM is founded in 2008 by a group of experienced runners who share the same passion and values in running. It started off with less than 10 members then. Since its inception, the F1 Runners’ TEAM has soared in numbers to about 100 active members today, regardless of age, religion, nationality and background. The team prides itself on this fact, as it is uniquely capable of bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. The F1 Runners’ TEAM is the most organized and also one of the fastest growing running clubs in Singapore.
The F1 Runners’ TEAM has been achieving fantastic results during many of the races and has also produced numerous podium winners as well. 
F1 Runners Team Achievements:
2008 NIE Directors' Race Champions
2008 Nautical run Champions
2008 North Face 100 Duo 100km Champions
2009 North Face 100 Duo 100km Champions
2009 North Face 50 Duo 50km Champion (Men)
2009 North Face 50 Duo 50km Champion (Women)
2009 Legs n Paddle Doubles 3rd
2009 Aviation Run Corporate Team Champion
2010 Surf and Sweat  2nd                               
2010 North Face 100 Duo 100km Champion (Men)
2010 North Face 100 Duo  50km Champion (Women)
2010 NIE Directors' Race 2nd
2011 North Face 100 Duo 100km Champion (Men)
2011 North Face 100 Duo  50km  2nd (Men)
2011 North Face 100 Duo  50km  2nd (Women)
2012 North Face 100 Individual 50km Champion (Men)
2012 North Face 100 Individual 50km 2nd (Men)
2012 Race Against Cancer 10km Champion Team
2013 Race Against Cancer 10km Champion Team
2014 ATC Adventure Race 2nd (Men Team)
2014 Race Against Cancer 2nd (Open Team)

Furthermore, the F1 Runners’ TEAM have been featured on The Straits Times (21 January 2012) as well as in an online magazine, RunSociety. In the article by the RunSociety, “Special Feature: Singapore Running Clubs”, the F1 Runners’ TEAM is ranked second among the 5 featured running clubs in Singapore. Quoted from the article, “We’ve spotted them at a couple of races dressed in their white and red attires. Frankly, they were the first to come to mind when RunSociety decided on putting this feature together”; the F1 Runners’ TEAM has in fact made a name for itself throughout Singapore.

The F1 Runners’ TEAM’s Philosophy, Vision and Mission
The F1 Runners’ TEAM’s aspirations include helping all runners fulfil their dreams, not just to chase them.  The team assist anyone with the passion in running to accomplish their goals, be they beginners or elites, amateur or professional. The team also helps beginners pick up the art of running as well as gaining speed progressively and also help elites soar to greater heights.
The F1 Runners’ TEAM offers all athletes an ideal training environment together with the necessary support to achieve success and realise dreams in long distance running.
Furthermore, the F1 Runners’ TEAM helps to develop athletes’ capabilities of competing successfully at the national and international level in long distance running. Training programmes are catered to each and everyone according to their standards so as to provide a comprehensive, positive and supportive guide that prepares long distance runners for their highest performance ability in the coming years.
As is true of most sport disciplines, running promotes healthy lifestyle habits and develops other valuable life skills such as leadership, time management, goal setting and also foster stronger bonds with the local community. The athleticism, accessibility and popularity of running make the F1 Runners’ TEAM perfect for the Singaporean marketplace.
The F1 Runners’ TEAM wishes to provide the people of Singapore the services and facilities to enable participation in this emerging sport, together with a greater sense of community, and help every one of them realise their dreams.
The F1 Runners’ TEAM is committed to spreading awareness of this sport throughout Singapore. The team would like to reach out to more runners, impart their knowledge and share their experiences with these runners, advise them the correct training methods, drafting personalized training programmes for them, helping them grasp the correct running techniques and keep them injury-free.

             Below is our Trainer's Profile - Lexxus Tan : A Successful Coach & Runner  

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 Lexxus Tan ( Trainer )
Lexxus started running at age 7 and race competitively when he was in secondary school. His two elder sisters, who are both runners, had motivated him greatly in his pursuit of sports. There was a year when both his sisters emerged champion in their school X-country. He thought it would be a great if he could also make it into first position at his lower secondary level. He was so motivated and ran his lungs out in that race. He managed to beat the boy who had always been faster than him. This could be the driving power that makes him racing so competitively till today.   Winning the North face 100 Duo four times in a row, his forte is in the ultra long distances and rough terrains. Despite his busy schedule as an entrepreneur, he still managed to train intensively and achieved fantastic results in the ultra marathon. Representing Singapore to run at the Beijing North face Ultra 100 in 2008. He is also 4 consecutive years ( Year 2008 - Year 2011) TNF100 DUO 100 km CHAMPION. Lexxus is a full time trainer with more than 30 years of experience in running and a competitive athlete. He is specialized in providing athletes with quality training program of different levels thus help them achieved their peak performance.

  • 2008 Winner of North Face 100  DUO100km ( Champion )
  • 2009 Winner of Surf and Sweat 
  • 2009 Winner of North Face 100  DUO100km ( Champion )
  • 2009 Winning Team Aviation run 2009 ( Champion )
  • 2009 Winner of Hatyai Half Marathon Age Group 35-39 2009 ( Champion )
  • 2009 SCM Singapore Marathon 15th (3h 09 mins)
  • 2010 Winner Surf and Sweat ( Champion )
  • 2010 Winner of Urbanathlon 3rd 
  • 2010 Winner of North Face 100  DUO 100km (Champion)
  • 2010 SCM Singapore Marathon 11th (3h 03 mins)
  • 2011 Winner of Surf and Sweat ( Individual & Lover's Challenge) ( Champion )
  • 2011 Winner of Urbanathlon 8th 
  • 2011 Winner of North Face 100  DUO100km (Champion)
  • 2012 Winner of Salomon Urban Trail  2nd
  • 2012 Winner of North Face 100  Individual 50km 2nd
  • 2012 Winner of Army Half Marathon 3rd
  • 2012 Winner of North East Run Veteran 10km 2nd
  • 2012 Winner of Real Run Veteran 10km (Champion)
  • 2013 Winner of Energizer Night Trail 18km (Champion)
  • 2013 Winner of AHM Veteran 21km (Champion 1hr 17min)
  • 2013 Winner of Tampines Run Veteran 10km (Champion)
  • 2013 Winner of Real Run Veteran 10km 3rd 
  • 2013 Winner of North Face 100 Individual 50km 3rd (4hr 10min)
  • 2013 Winner of Newton Challenge 18km (Champion 1hr 09min)
  • 2013 Winner of Commando Challenge (Champion 58 min 09 sec)
  • 2013 Winner of ChiangMai Half Marathon 23km Age Group 40-49(Champion 1hr 31min)
  • 2014 Winner of Marina Run 21km Veteran (Champion 1hr 23min)
  • 2014 Winner of 2XU Compression Run Open 21km 8th (1hr 18min)
  • 2014 Winner of Jurong Lake Run Open 10km 8th (35min 50 sec)
  • 2014 Winner of Salomon MR25 X-Country Marathon Open (Champion 3hr 19min)
  • 2014 Winner of Mizuno Passion Wave Run Open 15km (Champion 58min 12sec)
  • 2014 Winner of Energizer Night Trail Singapore 18km Open (Champion 1hr 17min)
  • 2014 Winner of SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & ARMY Half Marathon 2014 Veteran (Champion 1hr 21min)
  • 2014 Winner of Tampines Run Veteran 10km (Champion 36 min 08 sec)
  • 2014 Winner of ST Run Open 21km 9th (1hr 19min)
  • 2014 Winner of Newton 18km Challenge Open (Champion 1hr 07min)
  • 2014 Winner of SNG - Stadium Run 4.4km Veteran 3rd (14min 38sec)
  • 2014 Winner of GE Run Malaysia 12km Veteran 2nd (45min 08sec)
  • 2014 Winner of Salomon X-Trail 10km Open 3rd (38min 32sec)
  • 2015 Winner of Brooks Marina Run 21km Veteran Champion (1hr 22min)
  • 2015 Winner of TNF 100 Thailand 25km Men 40-49 and Overall Champion (1hr 59min)
  • 2015 Winners of The Great Relay 100km (Mixed Team Of 4) Champion